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I heard that you guys like piano, so heres a video on my piano recital I did recently.  The songs are Nocturne no20 and the Game of Thrones Theme



THIS IS THE MOST TR*GGERING THING I’VE SEEN ON YOUTUBE ALL DAY. HEere a white cismale engages in deeply problematic acts of cultural appropriation by saying ‘hello’ in multiple languages. Not only is this deeply racist but it is also colonial since he as a white western cis person benefits from the colonization of all the cultures he is mocking. The worst was his ‘street slang’ and ‘bronx’ impressions, which are nothing but an insult to speakers of AAVE. Like this is beyond problematic and I would petition to YouTube to remove this video and this white cissy’s channel. DECOLONIZE YOUTUBE.


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Do you know any good piano books for beginners?


The only piano books I had as a beginner were basic 5-finger exercises and there is such a broad selection out there. Even with the basic of techniques (Gaining the independence of the fingers) I would highly recommend you get a teacher with the book. Normally if you get  a teacher they will provide you with the books or advise you to buy ones which follow their teaching method. 

If you cannot afford a teacher, this is a Alfred Piano Course books are a great place to start. http://www.alfred.com/Products/ProductListing.aspx?q=@sku=(2229,6214,20656,2104,20659,2106,18120,2108,2109,2110,2111,2498,3136,6250,2397,2391,239,2393,3077,2210,2211,2212,2213,2233,2334,5749,14501,5747,5748,14502,14503,6160,14556,6186,6187,3514,14557,2228,6242,2112,2113,2114,2115,2116,2117,2499,6299,6188,6189,6190,6191,5744,5761,5750,5751,14507,5762,5763,5764,2459,6241,2460,2464,2465,2518,2519,2235,6235,2119,2121,2122,2123,2124,2125,2517,5759,5760,14535)&v=TitleForSorting